Over yesteryear couple of years, we have also seen Google commence to basically change exactly how its search algorithm works. Bing, much like many of the technology giants, has begun to bill itself as an artificial intelligence (AI) and device learning (ML) business versus as a search business. AI tools will provide ways to spot anomalies in search results and collect insights. Basically, Bing is changing exactly what it considers its top jewels. Because the company builds ML into its entire product stack, its main search item has begun to behave a great deal differently. That is warming up the cat-and-mouse game of Search Engine Optimization and sending a going after Bing once more.
Hey Greg, i personally use SEO PowerSuite aswell and I also get the frequent application updates. But my Rank Tracker jobs appear to save your self okay and get seamlessly. Sometimes i must find the file version I would like to save yourself or recover, but it nevertheless works okay following the enhance. We just have a few Rank Tracker projects active right now. Maybe you can contact their support to see what’s up.
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